Monday, November 8, 2010

Bold Arab Style Make Up - Inspired by Haifa Wehbe

How to: Get Flawless Looking Skin

Fall Makeup inspired by Lauren Luke (and Tool Turnabout brush holder)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elegant Masquerade

Catwoman Look

Product Review: Bourjois- Bronzing Powder

I've been using it for 04 months now. The shade I got was "76 Soleil Cuivré", and here's my personal opinion about it:

  • The Packaging is nice with a clear medium size mirror inside.
  • The amount of product is convenient ( 9.5 G - 0.34OZ).
  • Price is within the average affordable range.
  • Easy to find in Egypt (in most drug stores).
This is my shade "76 Soleil Cuivré"

  • I didn't find a large variety of shades and most of the shades has orange undertome which may look awkward on some skin tones.

Here's a swatch of the color on my hand.

  • As you see in the picture, it really has an Orange tone, but still work ok with me.
  • It is highly pigmented.
  • The staying power is medium.
  • The texture is soft.
  • I find it not easy to blend, so if you use it make sure not to load the brush.
 ** My overl all rating would be:  7/10

Spider Queen Black Widow Halloween Makeup

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Arab Makeup - المكياج العربي

Daisy of Love Inspired Make Up Tutorial

Fresh 5 Minutes Makeup

Smokey purple eye makeup tutorial

مكياج ذهبي يهبلGolden Arabic makeup

Glitter Fantasy Cirque du Soleil Makeup for Halloween

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Celebrity Styles for Your Face Shape

We’ve all been there: You see this amazing hair cut on your favorite celebrity and promptly head to the salon to get it replicated on yourself. Only, it doesn’t look quite as cute on you as it did on that trendy starlet. In fact, it kind of looks like a teacup poodle landed on your head. Chances are you picked a ‘do that wasn’t right for your face shape. Heart, square, oval or round, not all styles are created equal on all face shapes. Read on to figure out where you fall on the face shape spectrum, who your ideal celebrity hair match is and which cuts you should stay far, far away from.


  *FACIAL FEATURES: A balanced or long face with relatively equal proportions.
*BEST HAIRSTYLES: Short or long, straight or curly, you can pull off just about any hairstyle because all of your features are well balanced. Try going for a style that highlights your favorite facial feature. Center parts can bring attention to your nose; eyebrow-skimming bangs can give focus to your eyes; or cheekbone-level layers will show off your lips.

*FACIAL FEATURES: A balanced or long face with relatively equal proportions.
*STYLE WARNINGS: Avoid height at the crown or short layers at the top of your head could potentially make your face appear longer and thus less balanced.


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Monday, September 20, 2010


Hello Beauties

There will be a giveaway soon on my youtube chanel. I will be giving away the product you'll choose for my next review (products to choose from can be found Here ).

Your opinion Counts :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Natalie Portman Black Swan Theatrical Makeup

Your opinion count Beauties :) what would you like to see next?

Hello beauties,
I have a simple question for you, which product would you like me to review next??

1- Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation.
2- Lancaster Eye Makeup Remover.
3- Maybelline NewYork Eyeshadow trios.
4- Clarins Gentel Refiner Exfoliating Cream.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Review: Revlon Color Stay Mineral Foundation

Revlon is one of my favorite makeup brands. According to what most makeup artists & people interested in makeup, Revlon makes a high quality foundations. I've tried  a couple of Revlon foundations and today I will tell you my personal opinion about the "Color Stay Mineral Foundation".

1-The Positive points:

- The foundation is very soft and light weight.
- It has cheer to medium coverage with SPF 10
- The shades are very good and it has a good range that suites almost every skin tone.
- It worked very well with my oily skin.
- It did not cause my skin to break out.
- The staying power is very good.

2- The negative points:

- The built-in brush that is attched to the lid is not soft.
- The sifter is deep & tight which makes it almost impossible to dipp & swirl the powder or kabuki brush into it.
-The amount of product: 9.9g (0.35OZ).

My overall rating : 07/10


2 Autumn Inspired Looks in 1

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A little note to all beauties

Hi everyone
I just want to shar a thought with you.. First of all, Thank you for visiting my page:) I really appreciate it. Then i want to say that I will be posting reviews on makeup, skin care, hair, and nail products that I have bought & used for a while. I live in Alexandria(Egypt) so, all the products I will review are available at major drugstores and beauty products stores.
The weather in Alexandria is very humid & became very hot this summer, so I will share my own tips that worked with me during this summer.

Hope that my reviews would be helpful :)

Enjoy your time & remain Beauty:)

Beauty at Every Age

Beauty at Every Age
20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s

20s: Go For Glow
Create instant radiance with a shimmering bronzer. Dust your cheeks and décolletage to give skin a warm glow that looks fresh and natural.

30s: Focus On Eyes
Accent your eyes with a dramatic look. For a truly captivating gaze, sweep a coppery shade across your lid and accent your crease with a deeper shadow.

40s: Add Some Shine
Add shimmer to your lips with a luscious gloss. A hint of metallic will add shine while softening and conditioning at the same time.

50s: Love Your Lashes
Boost your lashes with two-in-one mascara that conditions and thickens. Long and flirty lashes will enliven your eyes instantly.

60s: Brighten Your Nails
Show you’re chic with a slick red or deep berry nail that’s short, refined, and high on shine. Perfect for even the most formal occasions.

Source: L'Oreal Paris

Search for l'oreal

Physician's Formula POP Eyeshadow Review

Revlon Precision Lash Glue Review & Demo

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tip of Wednesday :D

Extravergin Olive Oile is the best makeup remover. It's excellent to remove waterproof products and it works as a skin moisturizer as well.

Don't forget that eating food containing Extravirgin olive oil is very healthy as well which will reflect on your skin (maintain your health will make you look younger and will help reduce wrinkles).

Enjoy the taste & the benefits of Oilve :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Product Review " Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind and Purifying Micro-Pearls"

I have a combination-oily sensitive skin and I always had problems with skin care products as it either irritate my skin or cause my skin to break out. But since 04 months I started using the Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser. It is a very good cleanser. It cleans the skin without drying it out and the Purifying Micro-Pearls contained in it helps exfoliate the skin leaving it smooth & silky. In my view the product is worth buying and the size is pretty much convenient (04.4 OZ). Trust me, it will last you a very long time as a dime plop of it is more than enough for cleansing your face.

At the back of the tube they say that for better results wash your face with the cleanser and then rinse with cool water in the morning and warm water at night. And it’s so true as cool water in the morning refreshes your skin and helps minimize the pores & the warm water tends to make your skin & vessels relax & opens up the skin to absorb the moisture from your night cream.

As for the price, it's quite expensive (here in Egypt) compared to other skin care products, but still within the affordable price range.

The packaging is a squeezing tube which allows you to get out the product without wasting much of it.

My overall rating: 09/10

Warm & Smoky ~UD Naked Palette

Friday, September 3, 2010

Wedding Makeup Tutorial Style 1

Get The Look: Fresh, Dewy Skin - Beauty Trends and News -

Raychel Wade is a professional makeup artist and official La Prairie Colour Ambassador. She was voted 'Best Makeup Consultant' in New York Magazine's "Best of New York" and her practical makeup tips have been featured on the pages of Allure, InStyle, Cosmopolitan,Real Simple, Lucky, Self, Fitness, Brides and New York Magazine's annual Family and Wedding guides.


how-to_makeup_dewy_skin.JPG (400x600)

Photo: © Luca Cannionieri

The end of summer is the perfect time to show some skin. You want to look and feel fresh and natural with makeup that doesn't feel heavy or melts away. The key to that fresh-faced look is all about the right mix of highlighting and mattifying goods and how you use them.

First, use a lightweight foundation--and use it sparingly!--concentrating on the areas that are the most uneven. I love La Prairie's Anti-Aging Foundation SPF 15. Follow up with a dusting a light translucent powder. By using a colorless powder you avoid the risk of mixing your foundation and powder into a color that no longer matches your skin.

For cheeks, start with a powder blush in a bright pink--trust me, it's flattering to all--and then follow it with a very small amount of shimmery cream blush right on the apples of the cheeks. TryIllamasqua Cream Blusher in Lies, but apply it sparingly to avoid looking like you have greasy cheeks. You can also use a cream highlighter in certain parts of your face. I couldn't live without Nars The Multiple in Copacabana; I use it in very specific places like the tip of the nose, the bow of the lip, above the eyebrow and on top of the cheekbone.

Now comes the most important step: Ensuring you counter any illuminating with strategic mattifying. If you go overboard with the highlighting you can look greasy and shiny. To avoid this, take a pea-sized amount of Laura Mercier Secret Finish--Mattifying and rub it between your fingers. Press firmly into the places you want to reduce shine--the sides of your nose, your chin and forehead, especially along the hairline.

By strategically placing your matte and shimmer products, you can easily create the illusion of dewy, healthy skin. Now go get your gorgeous on and enjoy these last few days of summer!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Top 10 Skincare Tips :Essential hints for younger-looking skin

Tip 1
Focus your regimen on your primary skin concern like breakouts or aging and select your products accordingly.

Tip 2
Don’t overload on products. Too much of anything can cause irritation, strip skin of moisture, and make it more sensitive.

Tip 3
Don’t wash your face until you’ve washed your hands. If you use a washcloth, make sure it’s a fresh one every time so there’s no bacterial buildup.

Tip 4
When cleansing or exfoliating, use tiny circular motions upward and very gentle pressure.

Tip 5
Use warm water to rinse. Hot water can over-dry. Cold water won’t rinse off the cleanser.

Tip 6
Don’t over-clean your face. Cleansing more than twice a day can over-dry your skin.

Tip 7
Toner actually prepares your skin to accept moisture better. While skin is still damp, smooth on moisturizer to seal the moisture in.

Tip 8
It’s not just what you apply but also how you apply it. Take a few extra seconds to massage in moisturizer to spark circulation and enhance radiance.

Tip 9
Go gently when you apply eye cream. Dot in a full circle all around the eye. Never pull or tug. Use your ring finger to apply. It’s the weakest finger so you won’t apply too much pressure.

Tip 10
Smooth a little eye cream around your lips every day. The area around the lips, like the area around the eyes, is very delicate and requires extra care.